You look troubled lately, away from your normal self,
There is no problem, my body is intact
Talking about your body, what happened to your face looking dull, no make up.
Really, Can’t we do without make-up? Well, Just Consider it as Make-up on Strike or what I call it Face Fasting
Face Fasting Kwa, Please I would rather you narrate the actual problem rather than this unnecessary camouflage
Truly, there is a problem but I don’t know if it is with me, or the Nations silence. I have been thinking about the Shi’ites
What about the Shi’ites?
Haven’t you heard? The Massacre, the killings
Well, Buratai said they attacked him, so he went Brutal on them. There is nothing left to say or is there more?
There is a lot more to say, No one is talking about the lives that were lost, unarmed citizens being attacked and killed
Don’t forget we are in the ERA of the GENERAL, once they point at you, the next thing is death, Okwa POINT and KILL like fish.
Which one is point and kill again in this matter, we are talking about Human lives, you are talking about fish.
Nwanne, this is no fish matter, the way people are being killed in this new ERA.
But I heard that some Soldiers were also injured seriously? When has unarmed citizens began to injure soldiers?
Emmm, I can’t tell either, cos anything to cover up the massacre can be allowed in this ERA too.
I hope you remember Baba Iyabo?
Yes ke, Baba Iyabo was also a GENERAL that doesn’t have time for Nonsense. He seems to be still part of this ERA.
I remember that Baba Iyabo once told us that a single attack on one Soldier equals death of many Civilians ooo. In fact, Baba Iyabo recently went in search of his PhD supervisor in the same state where he ordered a massacre and he was welcomed and decorated as a BIG MAN.
So? What are you trying to talk for mouth?
Well, I am not talking anything ooo. I am just thinking that someday soon, the BRUTAL YUSUF will be eating FUFU with SUYA in Zaria.
But wait ooo…..
Please talk sharply; you know Soldiers don’t have patience in WAITING after the Order is given. The Shi’ites too does not WAIT to block ROAD and perform ceremonies. Maybe there is something special about PRAYERS said on the ROAD.
Please, allow me OFFLOAD this talk in my mouth.
You can go on to OFFLOAD, but don’t block the ROAD.
What is this one am hearing that IRAN is warning NIGERIA to look into it, punish the Soldiers and compensate the families too? Nigeria is a sovereign land and the people are NIGERIANS, so I don’t FRANKLY understand the PRANKS this faraway nation wants to play on us.
Aboki, I heard that the SHI’ITES has their HEADQUARTERS in IRAN.
Walahi! The people in those QUARTERS are Bastard Billionaires. Their OIL Money can SPOIL things for us. Like seriously! These people in UNIFORM should stop FORMING like they are not humans. BOKOHARAM is killing massively, and these friends seem to have HARMED even more citizens.
The CHANGE GENERAL should act in the OVERALL interest of all Nigerians and there should be no SACRED ram, even if it means showing some RED Card.
The way you are beginning to SOUND tell me that you are now very fine; your ROUND face is brightened up now, so we can now FINISH this talk.
If you say so….I really WISH that by the time this matter is FINISHED, the Social Media Bill won’t have FINISHED you in Kirikiri.
I hope this gets to the Commander -in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief-of-Army Staff and the Shiites. Let us give PEACE a CHANCE so that this CHANGE can benefit us all.
Onyinnye Okeke SHARING THOUGHT WITH Jimoh Ozaveshe Patrick

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