The Media is usually referred to as the Fourth Estate, coming after the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislative arms of Government. Their role in ensuring that these other arms deliver on their promises is not negotiable, and can’t be debated. They have a responsibility to ensure that the right information is passed on, and to call the erring officers to caution.
It has become very worrisome the manner at which some of the big players in the Fourth Estate have been going about their jobs. The sector is surely not immuned to the ravages of corruption. Many attack dogs of some of the most corrupt governments were mostly from the Media.

The recent activities of The Cable News Network (CNN) in the built-up of the just concluded 2016 United State Election is quite disturbing. The one-sided analysis and maligning of a particular candidate was uncalled for. Donna Brazile, a political analyst with CNN reportedly leaked questions to Hilary Clinton’s campaign before a debate. This was just one in a number of other unethical things done.

What CNN never contemplated was that they ended up giving more to the campaign than Donald Trump paid for. In the words of one of the Presidential aspirant, Bernie Sanders 

He (Trump) knows that media is not interest in the serious issues facing this country. They love bombastic remarks. They love silly remarks. If he says that somebody is sweating well my God, that is a major story, and all that silly business and the personal attacks that kind of works. So I think this is more an indictment of the media, actually, than it is of Trump

Every race must definitely produce a Winner. The race to the White House wasn’t an exception, though very long and quite intriguing, yet a winner has emerged. Donald Trump of the Republican Party won with 59,341,558 votes, winning 279 Electoral Colleges while the Democrat Party’s Hilary Clinton got 215 Electoral Colleges.

The Collusion of the media with the Executive to pitch against the silent voice of the majority, was also seen in the case of the African Independent Television (AIT) against President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

No matter the collusion, the silent voice of the majority shall prevail, if and only votes are allowed to count.

Let the Media wake up and defend the silent voice rather than suppressing them more.

Congrats to TRUMP/PENCE


Patrick Ozaveshe JIMOH


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