It is no longer news that Africans, especially Nigerians are very religious. An average Nigerian, irrespective of lifestyle, believes that there is a deity watching over his affairs. African Traditional Religion, Islam and Christianity are very dominant in Nigeria. All believing in the potency of prayers or incantations.

Trade is as old as the existence of humanity. From the era of Trade by barter, to this present era of operating a cashless economy, transactions keep going on.

Market places were therefore established to have a one-stop place where most goods can be sold and bought. In the modern cities, alike goods are now being sold in different places from others.

Some few weeks back, I needed to get some woods and nails for a building job, and I had to go to Timber Shade, Igwuruta, Port Harcourt where they had so many shades for woods alone. Also, I needed to get a new mobile phone, and I had to go to Phone Village, just around the popular Oil Mill, along Aba Express Road in Port Harcourt.

Not to be too detailed, one thing that kept reoccurring in the both places was that I fortunately or unfortunately got there at the time of prayers. So, I had to spend so much time outside under heavy sun rays waiting till the market is re-opened.

I hope you know that I believe in prayers. Indeed, there is NOTHING prayer cannot do! No matter the challenge or request, simply take it to your God in prayer.

What I do not subscribe to is the deliberate attempt to ridicule prayer in these market places. A large number of the traders do not even participate in the prayers or fellowship, yet they are made to simply lock their shops and loose business.

In fact the officer who was implementing the close of businesses at one of the places, drove away with a girl at the time the Prayer meeting was going on. While some were outside eating, gisting, playing games, and others were keeping their customers busy with talk.

Religion is a choice!
Prayer is not by compulsion!
Prayer is an act of Worship!
And why waste precious time doing the right thing at the wrong time?

I find it both absurd and appalling that grown-ups would have to be compelled to close their businesses for prayer sessions. It’s quite laughable!

The same prayer warriors cheat you and sell fake products to you. The same marketers will not spare any chance to leverage on your ignorance.

This is not good for business!
If you must pray,please do it voluntarily and rightly.

God is not a magician!
God works with principles!
Be diligent and your business will excel!

Praying in the open places are the hallmarks of the Pharisees and Sadducees, they love the praises of people more than that of God.
That you pray in your market everytime and are not dilligent to grow your business, doesn’t insure you against failure!

Let me end with the words of Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) 

“A mind taken over by fear cannot express free will and will therefore not fully optimize or benefit from the other freedoms”

My Friend, please Pray!
Don’t forget to do it out of Trust and not Fear!

Commit to grow your own business!

© Patrick Ozaveshe JIMOH 2016
Writing from Eneka, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


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