When it is not Day, then it should be Night. The seasons affect the length of each. The night I was to accompany my Aunt, Mrs H.T. Jagun on my first trip ever out of Igarra, I realised how long the night really was. When you have a good sleep, the Night always seem too short.

This is how my experience in the Year 2016 seemed. Just before I go on, permit me to start well.

I render all thanks and praises unto God Almighty who has led me safe through all. He is never late to help me when I need. The reason I never gave up on my dreams in 2016 was that God was with me in all things. Thank God for 2016!

My hearty thanks goes to my Mega Bros, Engr Festy. He literally became the executor of God’s Favour upon me. To his wife, Mrs Mary Akpeji and the kids, I owe all the gratitude that I can ever give to anyone. Thanks for making the difference in my 2016.

If you think I won’t mention my Mummy, Princess Omoyeni Rebecca Jimoh-Akpeji, then you don’t understand how she rekindled my hope. She believed in me when I was actually doubting my dreams. You are the best gift ever before and since I was born.

I started the year 2016 with the congregation at the Anglican Church, Naka, Gwer West LGA of Benue State. I was privileged to have pastored (yes Na!) them into the New Year. Later, I took Leave of Absence and visited Lagos. My primary host, Mr and Mrs Paul Balogun, remain a great encouragement to me. Not forgetting the Ashamas.

On return to Makurdi, I had one thing in mind… RESIGN. So, I took my Boss, Mr Godwin OCHEME by surprise. I could not bare to let him have a say, cos I would have changed my mind. He remains my Boss of life, but the Benue State Government didn’t care. So, I gave out my things and left Benue State. It was painful but that was my Best Decision in 2016.

I returned to Igarra, my home country. Later I moved to Benin City, where Clement Audu and Kingsley Opara were my great hosts. I could not have forgotten the constant and hope-lifting calls from Pa Legemah. I went back and forth, before finally leaving for Port Harcourt from Igarra.

Not long enough, God gave us victory and the death news became the victor’s song as Ken Emah was delivered from a ghastly accident. Thank God he is whole again.

I have since been a Farmer and Site Supervisor, among other things. It’s been a great period of learning and productivity. I have achieved almost all that I set to achieve in 2016.

For those who know me, I have advanced the Ministry of the Word of God. I also became a Sunday School Teacher in same year. Been the Secretary of ASYF Alumni, the Regional Alumni Reunion was a huge success. I can’t afford not to mention my Boss, Olutope Babajide, Chiemezie Onyinye and Othuke Okpighe. I am grateful to the entire ASYF Family for the love.

Finally, after over a year that I defended my dissertation, the Benue State University awarded me a Masters Degree in Applied Parasitology with effect from April, 2016. I won’t forget the contribution of Dr. Bernard Atu. I am certain that PhD begins in the Year 2017.

2016 has been inspiring, educating, daring, moody, engaging, and yes, successful. I have learnt great lessons.

It was a long somewhat dark night, but the day finally dawned. The Sun rose upon me and I am revived!


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