Today, Sunday 8th of January, 2017, the RCCG Sunday School dwelt on the Gifts of Helps and Administration. I do not want you to think that I want to start another Sunday School. 

Yesterday, my Bros came home with a sumptuous, palatable and nice cake. He received it as a gift from friends who surprised him before his Birthday. He liked the gift, so did we.

Gifts are actually not bought by the recipient, it is usually given, and ought to be FREE. Some gifts come as a matter of patronage, while some are just given without conditions.

The gift of the Grace of God is one expensive but FREE Gift from God to everyone, for the salvation of all.

Friends are gifts! Sometimes God gives you a friend when there is a need to actually help you. If we were to apply or pay for some friendship, the fact is that we cannot pay.

I have found such a friend in Onyinnye Okeke. She is a gift that God gave me and her other friends. She can make you laugh and can also scold you depending on the needful. She has inspired me to put pen and write things. She has shared many thoughts that have provoked my own thoughts.

Onyinye actually means Gift in Igbo lingua.

Happy Birthday to this my friend with a Big Head. She is fashioned for the top! 

Before your head gets bigger, I don’t know why I shouldn’t give you this kind of gift sef!


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