I recall vividly the reigning days of the MMM saga in the banking halls. Queues would actually start from outside the banking halls, and with their characteristic nature like the snake game on my old time Nokia phone.

If there is anywhere these words matter most, it’s the banking system. You will also agree with me that Depositors were usually more than those coming to withdraw. Simple, they have ATM, POS, and Mobile Apps to make withdrawal from.

Lest we forget, it’s the month of LOVE. February 14 is still ST. VALENTINE’S DAY, at least INEC and JEGA didn’t even attempt to disrupt this one. So, let me just drop this before the decisions of the National Association of Boyfriends would be executed, cos I concur. That is, you can give Ugu leaf for every flower received.

The point is anyone can deposit. The Teller doesn’t even care, all they care is that you have money and the account details are correct. Yet, an account that had never received any deposit can’t be prompted for withdrawal. Mbanu, odi kwa risky (in Uche’s voice).

The only one Blessed by your thoughts is you alone, if it must bless someone else then you must vocalize it. Don’t be stingy with good and nice words. Let your words encourage, strengthen and bring alive. Learn to deposit these wonderful words in the lives of those around you, for someday you will need to make withdrawal.

Mega Bros, you are becoming a Grandfather and you can no longer deposit kind admiration for your wife, that kind thing can lead to Love Recession oooo. Don’t only reprimand the children, please deposit words that make them feel secured and like super heroes, cos that’s who they are. Don’t forget to deposit Blessed Words into their future.

Guy, upgrade the way you talk. Deposit kind and loving words in the lives of those around you. A little kind word to the cleaner, the guy who did the weeding at your house, the carpenter that fixed your door, the Aboki that shined your shoe, the Mama selling Akara at the road side, and the little Omo in your neighbourhood.

The stress is already enormous, abeg don’t add your own. Deposit the kind words and actions, and you will inadvertently be creating a Better world. Be a Father not just to your own children, but also extend it to the other children lacking the father’s touch.

Kwasi mzambewe (in Terna’s voice), take it easy. You are a big girl not by the nasty things you can say, but by the world you chose to make better. You won’t be enrolled in another school to learn to speak well with your children, if you eventually marry. You will still carry this bad mouth and rain it on your children and husband, not even the teacher in your children’s school will be spared.

Opani, kóchó what I have been saying is that we must decisively deposit kind, loving, Blessed, and Grace-filled words now, and after a while we shall withdraw them with interests.

Veshe, Andy, Ngozi, Tamuno, Onyeche, and you…. Yes You. Let’s together make large deposits and together our future will be awesome.

Every creation is a product of the Spoken Word! Create A Blessed World!


© Patrick Ozaveshe JIMOH 2017


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