Date: 17th Feb. 2017

Ministering: Pst E.A Adeboye.

Bible text: 1kings19-24

Quick Prayer:
Father, double my Miracles today in Jesus name.

****Somebody is going to have divine visitations today

Elisha as a case of study
*5 key Lessons from the Text*

1, He got a divine visitor.
Elisha woke up that day he wasn’t expecting a visitor ,Exodus 3:1-5, Judges 6:11-19, 1sam 16:13 , Act10:34
Quick Prayer:
Father in your own miraculous way send me a Divine Visitor.
Tonight receive what you want in Jesus name.

2, He got a divine touch
1kings 18:36-39; 2kings 1:9-12
Whenever God touches a man miracles must happen. Deuteronomy 4:9, Mark 10:46-52
Quick Prayer:
Father give me a divine Touch today.

3, A door closed and another one open
An encounter Exodus 14:128, Luke 5:1-11
Am believing God for someone here today God is about to Open a new door for you.
Quick Prayer:
Father, Open new doors unto me.

4, Began his journey into destiny
Jeremiah 1:4-5, Jeremiah 29:11
Quick Prayer:
Father, today let me begin my journey into my destiny.

5.Change of levels
John 4: 2-3, 2kings 4:4-7, Exodus 12: 30-36
Quick Prayer:
Father, my Level must change this Year.

***You must ready for total surrender or absolute surrender Psalms 31:15
***We must ready to serve God whole heartedly – Mathew 10:41
***We must willing to joining the army of God Acts 1:8

Continues and end tomorrow…..


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