Have you seen a father who just got the news of the birth of his first child? The hospital goes agog and the young man may throw caution to the winds, Who can curtail such an excitement? Even the naming ceremony will be the much talk about ‘owambe’ in the neighbourhood.

For us in the social media, you could hardly scroll down many pictures before you stumble on one Bae or Dude proudly showcasing the NYSC khaki and crested vest. You could see them well kitted from the cap to the jungle boot. They are zealous to recite Under the Sun and In The Rain.

My contemporaries, am sure you are familiar with the job hunting period. And finally you got invited for an interview, you probably raised a prayer squad to pray for you. Then comes the Appointment Letter…. you won’t even believe the speed at which you make calls and send SMS. You just tell it to anyone willing to hear.

Give It Time…..

Time goes by, the excited father soon gets tired of the nasty stuff the child does. Some even go worse and begin to see the child as a curse or witch. They have soon forgotten the excitement and great joy.

What about the Corper, soon they become tired of wearing the khaki or jungle boot. NYSC becomes like an acronym for Now Your Suffering Continues. They soon lament that the same ALLAWEE is not enough and their PPA now becoming an hell on earth. Gradually, the khaki and crested vest pics turn to mufty and they begin countdown to POP.

The young employee soon settles down at the work place, begins to see that there is more to the job than meets the eye. The salary soon become meagrely and work gets monotonous. The effizy fizzles all off.

Dear Reader, we’ve all had our own shares of exciting moments, when we felt the world was all about us. The butterflies multiplied greatly in our tummy. The sun and moon seem to have found us only. 

Then, comes those other moments……

What should we do then?

Rejoice always!
Keep in mind those glorious days. Don’t let go of that initial excitement. The pressures will come, the economy may receed, your taste will change, and sure CHANGE is the only permanent thing.

Be brave, and hold on to your joy. As Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” It is the medicine that you need to have a healthy journey through all life’s narrow and turbulent ways.

My Friend, please remind yourself of those great and exciting times. Let go of the complaints and embrace the good sides. Look at the positive side and work to better the bad ones.

I wish that you flow in a greater dimension of joy more than even the first.

Finally, like John the Beloved said in his third epistle,  our greater joy lies in our walk in truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth! What a glory He sheds on our way, as we walk in the Light of His Word.

Live Long and Be Happy!

© Patrick Ozaveshe JIMOH 26/05/2017


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