The recent drug war, or better still, let’s call it a massacre at a sacred place, the Church in Ozubulu, Anambra State has been on the media space since it happened.

I have seen those who think it is an ethnic issue, others only see it as an act done in the wrong place, and there are those who have chosen to broadly look at it beyond many scopes.

Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu, a businessman from Amakwa, who built and donated the church to Nnewi Diocese, was said to be the chief actor. He is said to be a drug baron, a philanthropist and business mogul.

The Ozubulu scenario brings to mind a recent issue that has been one of the top issues bedevilling our pristine, calm, traditional and peaceful land of Igarra. It is the menace of the YAHOO BOYS.

Aside the flagrant disobedience to parents, there are issues of reckless driving of their choice motor bikes, and worse is the rape cases of even their relatives, yes, even their mothers are not spared.

I will try not to emphasise that the Church, Mosque and Traditional Institutions have failed woefully in curtailing these issues. In fact, some are even the ones engineering these acts, cos of the push to “hammer” and be “prosperous” overnight. A closer talk and you realise they have their customised Pastor, Imam and Babalawo, that is praying for them.

I do not want to exempt the Family unit. The integrity of the family is fast derailing off, and the kind of parenting we see these days are far too inferior to what our parents handed over to us. Sir, Ma, please speak to your children/wards. Speak early and unequivocally.

You need to attend a Launching or Harvest or Thanksgiving Service, and you realise that we are not interested in how you make your money. We are simply interested on preaching and cajoling you to give handsomely. Who are we even to blame sef?

I could tell that those who danced, shouted hallelujah, chanted the sacraments, and celebrated the commissioning of Saint Aloysius Catholic Church, were not spared from the bleeding and crying over the inhumane massacre that greeted the Church and the land.

As we yet assemble for another great Festival, the ABA FESTIVAL, I am aware that many are “hustling” to come oppress and show off. Some have sold their souls in exchange for ephemeral wealth. Yes, they are coming to show their philanthropy to the church and the community.

Let’s not forget to question events. Let’s not be carried away with the pump and pageantry. Let’s not forget to drive home the lessons learnt. Let’s not become too mute and watch evil dance freely in the market square.

Tell the Reverend Father in my land, please don’t skip it in your HOMILY. Let the Bishop and Clergy be reminded that the Sermon shouldn’t be watered down. The Pastors, I love your Agbada & Suit, please tell them the bitter TRUTH. Fairly, we must each SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!

So, today it is in IGBO LAND, it could ETUNO LAND tomorrow. It could be happen in TIV LAND, yes in IJESA LAND, even in the SOKOTO CALIPHATE. We can only claim any immunity if and only if the issues are dealth with headlong, rather than been swept under the carpet.

Let me on this note, wish all the celebrants of the 38th ABA FESTIVAL well. I pray for safe journeys. 

As the Preacher said in Ecclesiastes 12: 13 [NLT] “That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.”

I Pray We Will Be Faithful In Our Duty!
I Pray that Ozubulu massacre shall never again befall our land.
I Pray that We all do the needful.

© Patrick Ozaveshe JIMOH is of Anavanoruva Age Group of Igarra. 09/08/2017



  1. Yeah True words sir Let Us All Be Careful And Also Watchful About Our Wards Or Children There Is Dignity In Labour Than D Easy Way Out


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